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Not all texts are equal when it comes to translation. A novel is not written in the same way as a public offer or a multi-million euro contract. The same holds true for translation.


Our strengths

  • A skilled, experienced and dynamic team of in-house financial and legal translators
  • Mindful and experienced project managers who will advise you properly
  • A network of highly-skilled freelance translators
  • Ability to rapidly meet the constraints of our specialist sectors
  • An in-depth awareness of our clients’ needs
Our clients

  • International law firms
  • Investment banks
  • Asset managers
  • Investment funds
  • Legal and financial departments
  • Communication departments
  • Sales and marketing departments
Our approach

  • We are unflinching in our commitment to quality
  • Each translation is edited by a second specialised translator
  • The final copy is proofread before being sent to you
  • Our aim is to deliver ready-to-use translations




Legal expert, legal and financial translator

English > French Translation Team Manager
Pierre-Yves is a highly precise and meticulous translator who is constantly seeking to challenge himself and his co-workers. He brings his former legal experience to play in his work, ensuring uncompromising quality and extremely polished translations.



Director, Project Manager, HR manager

Violaine founded Tradewords in 2006, after more than 10 years as a translation project manager and service provider for financial institutions, law firms and legal departments. She has a keen eye for talent and selects experienced translators that are an exact match for each project. Over the years she has built up strong relationships with key market players and established an exclusive network of language specialists.



Linguist, legal and financial translator

Arabic < > French Translation Team Manager
Mehdi’s love of languages led him to a Bachelors’ Degree in French, English and Arabic and a Masters’ Degree in legal and financial translation. He tests and selects experienced Arabic < > French translators for Tradewords and oversees the quality of our translations in this language pair.



Linguist, Translator, Transcreation specialist

French > English Translation Team Manager
With two Masters Degrees under her belt – in legal and financial translation and the language industry – Melanie’s enthusiasm and creativity shine through in her writing. At Tradewords, Melanie does what she loves best: editing, writing, rewriting and adapting text for target audiences.



Lawyer, translator

Natalia is a qualified UK lawyer and worked for a major international law firm before switching to translation. She has been with Tradewords right from its inception, and never fails to impress us with the speed and professionalism of her work. She is right up there with the crème de la crème of translators!

Our in-house translators: rigorous, detail-oriented, proactive.

Our in-house translation team comprises four professionals, each with over ten years’ experience: a UK lawyer who spent several years with a major international law firm; a French-American legal expert trained in European law who previously worked in the legal department of a major corporation; two translators with Masters Degrees in specialised translation, both of whom are fully bilingual in their respective language pairs, i.e., Arabic-French and French-English.

Our freelance network: specialised translators selected for their experience and reliability.

Our reliability also stems from the quality of our tight network of highly-experienced freelance translators. When recruiting, we insist on top-level expertise, attention to detail and the ability to deliver on time.

Our project managers: dedicated and skilled.

Drawing on over 15 years’ experience at the service of financial institutions, business law firms and legal departments, as well as industry-specific qualifications, our project managers ensure turnkey delivery of the most complex projects.


Investment Funds

Over the past 10 years, Tradewords has built up a network of leading European funds specialists. We translate and update all your funds related documents.
Documents: prospectuses, funds regulations, annual reports, KIIDs, Fact sheets etc. Click for further details

Case study : Sole translation provider for a fund management company
For over eight years we have been the sole translation provider for a Channel Islands-based fund management company. We translate and/or update all of its annual and half-year reports, KIIDs, press releases, press articles, web pages, and other documents into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Swedish.

Legal translation

  • Arbitration and litigation
  • International Trade
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Intellectual Property
  • Information Technology
  • Labour Law

Documents: arbitral awards, contracts, findings, rulings, summonses, pleadings, expert reports, legislation, memorandums, investment agreements, shareholders agreements, funds regulations, etc.

Case study: Working hand-in-hand with a client to provide a high-volume translation in an extremely short turnaround time.
The constraints of the legal world often mean extremely tight deadlines. For this particular project, Tradewords translated and delivered over 50,000 words of agreements and articles of association in less than 7 days by outsourcing the work to several translators and proofreaders. The strength of our network enabled us to turn the project around in a very short time, a task which clearly would have been impossible with just one translator or proofreader..

Case study: certified translation from English to Arabic of an arbitral award
This 100,000-word project involved an arbitral award written in English with references to French law. To be legalised in France it first had to be translated into French and certified, and then retranslated into Arabic. Out of three agencies contacted by the client, Tradewords was the only one ready to step up to the task. We applied the full weight of our expertise to what was a highly sensitive case and complex translation project, with the final document going to the Court of International Arbitration.

Financial translation

  • Investment funds
  • Asset Management
  • Private Equity
  • International organisations

Documents: prospectuses, registration documents, annual reports, financial statements, investment funds, white papers, press releases, market analysis, economic reports, bank documents, etc.

Contexte : Case study: Prospectus for the launch of a fund in France
The client, who contacted Tradewords on the recommendation of its legal counsel, had just had its prospectus rejected by the AMF because of significant errors in the French translation. We took over the document and worked to a very tight deadline to deliver an accurate, harmonised translation that earned the fund its registration in France. The client then went on to entrust us with the translation of its prospectus for the Swiss and German markets and has continued to use our services for the last 8 years.

Case study: international organisation of multilingual project (Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish)
For this job, Tradewords project-managed the translation of over 100,000 words into Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish. Over a period of approximately six weeks the documents – which were for publication – were dispatched between three translators, each of whom was assigned a dedicated proofreader. Therein lies the strength of our network: with just one sole point of contact, you can rest assured that the end product will be top-notch. Systematically using proofreaders allows us to stand over the quality of our work.

Case study: Highly-specialised white papers
We regularly assist one of the leading US fund management companies in translating its highly- specialised white papers for French investors.

Websites and marketing brochures

  • Management companies
  • Banks
  • Law firms
  • Any company seeking to expand abroad

Documents: websites, brochures, product data sheets, presentations, press releases, etc…



Translations that comply with regulatory requirements.
The approval of your documents by the AMF is key to your business, and you certainly do not want them rejected because of a sloppy translation. Tradewords produces translations that meet all French regulatory requirements and can be adapted for the Swiss and Luxembourg authorities if necessary. We also provide certificates of accuracy on request.


A strict approach to confidentiality.
All our service providers sign confidentiality agreements, which are renewed on a yearly basis. Our data is encrypted, sent via a secure connection, and stored in a safe environment.


Deadlines tailored to industry requirements.
Our language specialists have honed their experience at the service of an exacting, top-end clientele that includes law firms, investment banks, corporate lawyers, asset managers, company directors and marketing managers. Because of this, we are fully aware of the needs and constraints of these sectors.


Transcreation for the finance industry

What is transcreation ?
Transcreation means tailoring a text to suit its end market. Culturally adapting written content in this way involves translation and creative writing skills in equal measures.
Our network, which includes business and financial journalists and writers specialised in investor relations, provides creative writing skills, knowledge of target market practices, and industry-focused terminology and style.
Chez Tradewords, nous faisons appel à des journalistes spécialisés en finance et économie et à des rédacteurs spécialisés dans la communication aux investisseurs.

Here at Tradewords, transcreation is a dual process involving :

  • Translation by a specialised translator
  • Adaptation of the text by an experienced editor.
Types of documents :
Brochures, press articles, press releases, presentations, websites.

Certified translations

Tradewords can provide you with certified translations in the following languages:
English, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese.

A certified translation is a translation performed, or proofread and corrected, by a translator who has sworn an oath before a court of law (a “sworn” translator). The sworn translator stamps the document and certifies that the translation is true and faithful to the original text. A translation thus certified becomes an official document acknowledged by courts and state administration departments.

Types of documents :
company registration certificates (Kbis), articles of association, power of attorneys and certificates, as well as documents relating to arbitration awards, summonses, etc.

Case study: certified translation from English to Arabic of an arbitral award
This 100,000-word project involved an arbitral award drawn up in English with references to French law. To be legalised in France it first had to be translated into French and certified, and then retranslated into Arabic. Out of three agencies contacted by the client, Tradewords was the only one ready to step up to the task. We applied the full weight of our expertise to what was a highly sensitive case and complex translation project, with the final document going to the Court of International Arbitration..

Apostille – Legalisation Service

We can have your documents legalised for international use

Having your document legalised or stamped with an apostille allows you to confirm the authenticity of a signature, stamp or seal on a document drawn up in France in the event that is required by an authority or organisation in another country.

Legalisation procedure:

  • The signature(s) on the original deed is/are authenticated by a notary, town hall or chamber of commerce. This step is performed by the client. .
  • The document is translated by a sworn translator..
  • The sworn translator’s signature is authenticated by the chamber of commerce. This step is not required if the original document is in English..
  • The document is legalised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some consulates may request legalisation of both the original document and the translation, although in general only the document to be sent abroad has to be legalised..
  • The document is filed with the relevant consulate.
What is the difference between legalisation and an Apostille ?

An Apostille is reserved for countries that are signatories of the Hague Convention. Information on whether your documents need to be legalised or bear an Apostille can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website
An Apostille can be rapidly obtained. For five documents or less, a “while you wait” service is available. If more than five documents are involved the applicant is told the delivery date on submission of the documents.
Obtaining an Apostille requires fewer steps than a legalisation procedure. The translator’s signature does not need to be authenticated and it is issued by the Court of Appeal in the jurisdiction where the original document was prepared.

Only original documents or certified copies may be legalised or bear an Apostille.
Types of documents:
articles of association, company registration documents, power of attorneys, certificates of origin, decisions, etc.


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